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The Spa

As a woman who has struggled with acne for 25 years, I have made it my passion to help others like myself with their skin care concerns.  Joining a team of beauty professionals has been a long dream, now turned reality. I was born and raised in Oklahoma and attended Putnam City North High School. Shortly after graduation, I moved to Denver, Colorado for 22 years while raising my son. This is where I began my professional esthetic journey by attending the school of Integrated Message Therapy and School of Medical  and Botanical Aesthetics. Unhappy with the way of life in Colorado, I then decided to move back home to Oklahoma for a slower, happier life and to finish up my education at Francis Tuttle Technology Center.  I am looking forward to advancing my skills, and growing in and with, this ever changing competitive industry.

My Philosophy 

Being a passionate beauty lover, I believe in the prevention, correction and maintaining of the skin. Loving the skin you are in and taking care of your skin inside and out, is the best recipe for lasting beauty.  Your skin should be the most expensive thing you own. Aging is a fact of life! Looking your age isn't!

Spa Setting
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